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We Joined the Speak Up for Blue Podcast to Talk About Meat and Sustainability

March 31, 2017

Today, I joined the Speak Up for Blue podcast to talk about the role of the meat industry in climate change and sustainability. This is such a tough topic to talk about, but it really was a pleasure to jump onto the podcast and take a crack at it. There are so many ways that food and eating intersect with sustainability and climate change, and it’s hard not to want to talk about everything.

Andrew and I had a great conversation, but it’s one that we want you to continue with us: what resonated with you, and what else do you wish we covered in discussing the role of meat in climate change and environmental sustainability?

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What Else Are They Feeding Grass-Fed Beef?

March 17, 2017

Grass-fed beef was supposed to be the best. Cows eating grass, right? I mean, even within that category, ranchers even started calling their cattle “grass-finished” just to make sure we understood their cows ate grass from…

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